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This 100% organic white shirt is a timeless classic for both men and women. The perfect all-year wardrobe staple.

Soft and stylish, this unisex short-sleeved shirt is perfect for all seasons! Hand woven fabrics are naturally more breathable so you will find your organic shirt cool in summer and warm in winter.

True to their brand’s name, Where Does it Come From?’s shirts come with a code on the label which you can scan to explore their eco-friendly processes and get to know the people involved in making them!

Organic Short-Sleeved White Shirt

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  • Unisex product.

    Tailored by hand.

    Low-water natural dying process uses 1/5th of the industry standard.

    Carbon-free spinning and weaving by hand.

    Code on the tag allows you to explore how this organic shirt was made and who was involved.

    Wooden buttons and a breast-pocket.

    Short-sleeved model.

    True to Clovereed’s values, WDICF takes their shipping & packaging very seriously. Shirts and tunics are sent out in recycled boxes, scarves are wrapped in recycled tissue and their double-thickness shipment envelopes and clothing tags are 100% recyclable!